Saturday, August 18, 2012

FopiFopi and "Damn! I Love Indonesia"

Frankly, "Damn! I Love Indonesia" is one of my favorite brands. I also love the founders, Daniel Mananta or more well-known when you put the title VJ in front of the name and Win Satrya, an urban artist whose recently Soekarno Urban Bust has set nationalism in Indonesia to a higher level. So, I must say, it's a Double favorite! Totally honored and pleased to be able to contribute in such a prestigious brand.

Until now, I've been working for quite a long time. I'm in charge of the shirts' designs. There are ranges, there are different requests, there are datelines, and those all are rocking fun. I work in such a warm and open environment, communications are well flowing here and I am still given the opportunity to work on my freelance work. It's a great deal.

Another thing I like it here is that I can learn a lot of things about designing shirts. So, it's a multi-gain, multi-multi gain. Anyway, if you like to know more about the brand and the design, you can google the brand. It's certainly on top of the search engine, yes, it's that popular and well-known. And while you're looking at the shirts, don't forget that *u-hum (clear throat)* I am the designer of those cool shirts!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Many Designs for Candy Corpse Clothing

Since a year ago, FopiFopi has been working on a super cool project with Charles Santilena, the bassist of the band Chasing Claymores. You can check on them here:
Charlie wanted to build his own brand called Candy Corpse and FopiFopi has been designing for him and the brand until now. Here are some designs that have been made: Barbara, Joker, Pieman, Pinata, Pirate Robo, Snot Guy,  Tractor, Egyptian, Viking, Witch Doctor, Indian.

He always asks for icky, mucky, murky, raunchy (you name it) stuffs as the designs' concept. He wants to make commode, snot, mess, et cetera as the designs' object. And of course, FopiFopi makes it come true and really hopes this project will work out great in the end. Be prepared for the upcoming big moves, guys!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple Designs for Entens Clothing

This is another client that FopiFopi handled. For a little introduction, Entens is a clothing line based in Quebec, CA established in November 2011 by Christopher Gaudreaul. You can check the website here:  

Short to say, once, Christopher in one particular day asked FopiFopi for a simple artwork, while FopiFopi is already well-known for its 'vast' and 'complex' artwork style. However, in the end, it is proven that FopiFopi could also do a simple design as you can see on the picture.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Designer for Radiation Cake Clothing!! YEaaAY

Before the brand became this big, there's a sweet story between Radiation Cake and FopiFopi. One day, a man named Doug Souraci from United Kingdom came to FopiFopi and shared his plan to create his own Clothing Label with the concept of Halloween, Creepy Stuff, and Candy. FopiFopi (of course) agreed to give a hand for that matter, so, at the starting point, FopiFopi created the logo and some designs (of which, one of the most populars is the Skull Candy), and it goes on, and on.

Short to tell, the next thing happened was this brand had been getting bigger and bigger, and because one and the other things, had lost connection to FopiFopi (especially after Doug didn't use BlackBerry anymore and both parties became too busy with their own projects).

Above all, we just want to share the fact that FopiFopi was the first designer for the brand, and FopiFopi is proud to be so. Well, though it's been such a long time since the last time FopiFopi designed for Radiation Cake, FopiFopi is still feeling super glad that on the beginning of Radiation Cake's mile stone, FopiFopi was there to participate to contribute something for the brand. Enough said, FopiFopi wishes that Doug still remembers this story too.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Work with Bring Me The Horizon

How could FopiFopi forget about this amazing Band, Bring Me The Horizon? Especially after Oliver Sykes, the vocalist of the band himself sent an e-mail to purchase a design by FopiFopi which on that time was uploaded on Emptees.Com? Of course that isn't something that can be forgotten. Because ever since, or precisely almost a year ago (or so), FopiFopi has started to be recognized and gotten more attention.

Many people still don't believe the fact that Oliver Sykes himself would want to send a personal E-mail to buy FopiFopi's designs because it shown a great deal of interest from the person, but that's okay, because the truth is not something that can be kept out no matter what. 

However, until now, FopiFopi is proud and pleased to have BMTH as one of its clients and has created many designs like Drunken Army, Wolf Army, Owl, Kitty On Space, et cetera.

Design for Crooz Apparel

It's a great thing to tell that for more than 3 years, FopiFopi has been designing for Crooz Cloth, it all was started with a single call from Bondry Haryo Anabrang, the Production Manager of Crooz who is interested in the designs made by FopiFopi, out of sudden, while indeed that happened after he saw the designs.

Furthermore, every local designer knows that, before you design for Crooz, you are not a real designer yet. It is the hippest distribution outlets based in Indonesia, which has also reached Malaysia and Phillipines also. Thus, FopiFopi is flattered to get the chance and very honored with the opportunity.

Many designs from FopiFopi has been sold and there are more that'll be coming out. It's a bet that you can recognize FopiFopi's design style in those upcoming new products.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Me with Dochi (Pee Wee Gaskins) work on SundaySunday

Look at that man behind me, I bet most of you have recognized him even before I say it. Yes! It's Dochi from Pee Wee Gaskins, a pop punk band from South Jakarta (as quoted from the FB Page: The band which is founded in 2007 has been a phenomenal band since then, and if you are a Party Dork you must know their hits like "Dari Mata Sang Garuda".

Dochi himself, besides being the bassist and vocalist of the band, has since 2011 born his own clothing label called Sunday Sunday Co-----a label which I am very excitedly collaborating and working with. Well, like Dochi always says, the story was all started in a particular Sunday when he felt like doing nothing and randomly decided to make his wardrobe and there it came, the inspiration to have 'the baby' with his girlfriend, Dinda Kanya Dewi. 

So, thanks for that Sunday and the ice cream he's enjoying back then, the dropping ice cream and Sunday have since popped out as the brand's concept. Until now, the brand keeps growing to attract customers from all around Indonesia and overseas countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, and Japan.

In the end, I just want to say that these pictures of me and Dochi don't only showing the fun we're having at that time, but it's also to remind me of how great it was for FopiFopi and Sunday Sunday Co to collaborate to give a better product for all of you! FopiFopi is truly proud to be able to work on the gimmick, packaging and clothes of Sunday Sunday Co. So, don't forget to check them out here: